The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Website Development

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Running a restaurant requires juggling numerous moving parts, because it demands a tremendous amount of hard work as well as discipline. However, the procedure will become a more doable feat when broken down. These days it’s very uncommon for a business not to have online presence. At the first place, online presence for restaurant businesses is one of the fundamental pieces of marketing strategy. A crucial part of a restaurant’s online presence includes not only social media platforms but also a user-friendly and responsive website. A website affords you a chance to describe an image of your restaurant, and at the same time, gives your customers an idea of the atmosphere in your restaurant before they step a foot inside. So, if you're curious about restaurant website development, we’ve established a guide along with several tips which’ll take you through the process.

Importance of Restaurant Website Design

The website of the restaurant should have at least two objectives: (1) the website must show off the attractive array of food and (2) the website must make it easy to see necessary information. In order to achieve these objectives, the restaurant website needs to include several elements, such as professionally taken photos of food, compelling copy or description, easily accessible menu, social media account buttons, etc. We believe that an effective website for restaurants combines not only the visual aspects but convenience into one design.

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Restaurant website design must be created in a way that incorporates the elements that make restaurant unique into a website that holds the attention of visitors and captures their interest. When a prospective customer walks through the door, you, as a business owner, must focus on building trust, and present the information customers are looking for. In that regard, your virtual office makes a significant first impression, brining qualified leads to you.

How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant Website Theme?

There are tons of themes out there. But how do you find the perfect restaurant website theme for your site? Well, choosing the right theme is quite important for several reasons. The right theme has to portray the climate in your restaurant, keep the website responsive across all devices, and load quickly. We understand that you may feel overwhelmed while deciding which theme to choose, so we’ve rounded up three steps to consider to pick up the right theme.

  1. Prepare a list of features you want to see on your website: although a website theme that is rich with features might seem nice, it can negatively affect website performance. That’s why you have to think ahead of the features you think are necessary for your site. The idea is to install the features that’ll help you accomplish the goal of your restaurant website. Particularly, pay topmost attention to the features you add to your homepage, as it’s the page is where most of the initial impressions are made.
  2. Try to pick a responsive theme: having a responsive website theme isn’t optional, simply because a considerable amount of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Irrespective of your website’s demographics, we must say that your restaurant website has to be responsive. Responsive theme intends to create a website that presents optimal user experience or simply UX, for every user.
  3. Keep visual appearance and colour in mind: choosing the colour can be a tricky game, as not all colours are right for your business. Firstly, you must choose a dominant colour for your business. Once you decided your primary colour, it’ll be much easier for you to create a colour palette. Then, look for contrasting colors, as they’ll help you highlight major elements on your restaurant website. You must pay attention to each of these stages, because your goal is to capture your visitors’ attention, so make sure colours aren’t an afterthought.

Restaurant Website Features

Without a captivating website design, your restaurant’s online identity is nearly lost in the digital ocean. Following are five popular features to take into account when it comes to restaurant website:

  1. Mobile-friendly design: Your customers are using mobile devices, thus having a mobile-friendly website must be a top priority for you. Moreover, mobile-friendly website loads quickly. Last but not least, a mobile-friendly website presents your visitors a visually appealing as well as enjoyable encounter with your restaurant.
  2. SEO: Paid advertising and social media can actually generate traffic to your websites. However, the majority of online traffic is generated by search engines. SEO is one of the important online marketing channels that has the potential to pay high dividends over time. Briefly, if you invest in creating content based on specific keywords, your traffic will likely increase.
  3. Clear navigation: The navigation of your restaurant’s website has a substantial impact on conversions and sales. Without a clear website navigation, your visitors aren’t going to find out how to see your product listings, pricing or contact information. You want to keep visitors on your restaurant website to explore deeper. Therefore, try to give your potential customers as much reasons as possible to click on links and stay on your website.
  4. Online ordering: We all are living a digital life. As a business owner try to simplify the lives of your customers, so give your customers an option to order online. Several years ago, people were making calls to restaurants to place orders and then waiting for the food to be made and delivered. But now things have evolved exponentially, that online ordering came into existence. Building an online ordering system within your restaurant website can make the daily operations highly efficient, enhancing your relationship with your customers.
  5. Monthly newsletter: newsletters are often considered to be the life force of your restaurant marketing campaign. Sending a monthly newsletter is a great way to give customers additional value, which can be in the form of interesting content, information about your services, or valuable tips. In fact, a well-formulated newsletter can impress your customers, therefore they become repeat customers.

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Ready to Boost Your Restaurant Business in 2020?

It’s significantly important that you do everything you can to increase the online presence of your restaurant. Let’s assume you’ve built a world-class restaurant, and you’re determined to make it succeed. In fact, this can only be done by creating a purposeful marketing strategy, which starts with your website. 
The very first impression that most of your future clients will have of your restaurant is what they notice on your website. Adalot Networks is a web design and development company that specializes in helping businesses design, develop, and implement websites. We ask questions and take a deep dive into your restaurant or bar, competition, and target audience. So, if you’re looking to build a website for your restaurant business, we can help. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly explain how our powerful web services can help you boost revenues for your restaurant.